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Me you and us (How to fit the key competences in our curriculum)

This project started after a contact seminar that took place un Oviedo in 2006. In this seminar,many different  projects were proposed by their participants. Our school presented one, and eight countries were interested in working with us. At the end, only two National Agencies approved the project, Finland and Germany. We are now working together in a school project that it will last two school years.

The main idea of the project is to have a look at the social and cultural differences and similarities existing among us through the key competences.

Through the project the students will be given the possibility to develop the package of eight competences that will help them to achieve their personal fulfilment, development and inclusion. The teachers, as the rest  of the educational comunity, will benefit from the key competences good practices exchange as well as the exhange of information about different schemes of work, methodology, evaluation tools … used in the each of the partner schools. The rest of the educational community will learn how to work in collaboration with the school and to help students to renew and mantain some of the compentences aspects adquired during the elaboration of tasks.

ACTIVITIES DONE DURING 2008-2009_______________

Click on the link below to watch the video made by 6th grade students introducing themselves, their school and their city.


Finish Diary

Click on the link below to watch the video made by one finish student introducing herserf, and her daily routine

Finish Diary

Atalia´s neighbourhood by year 1 and 2



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