Early Stages Educación Infantil

Four years olds drawing a portrait of the Asturian painter NICANOR PIÑOLE

Five year olds learning about Picaso



From 6 to 8 Primer Ciclo

We are working on a small project in the Art class:

During the Autumn Term we learnt who the Asturian artist Nicanor Piñole was. This term (Winter Term) we have learnt a bit about Pop-Art.


From 8 to 10 Segundo Ciclo

Students from 3rd grade wanted to show you the research work they did on Asturian Ceramics and Pottery


From 10 to 12 Tercer Ciclo

Year 5 students chose some of the paintings of Piñole that they liked. Then, they reproduced those paintings themselves, and recorded a little explanation of them.

6th grade students wrote Nicanor Piñole biography. Here you can see some of those biographies.

Here you can see the biographies in English.

6th. grade students have made several paintings of  Piñole. Here you can see the original and the ones made by pupils.


Click on the link below to watch the video made by 6th grade students introducing themselves, their school and their city.






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